Helping Women be the most Beautiful, Inside and Out

It is not easy being a beautiful woman these days, we have the painstaking  job of matching and contrasting our clothing with our shoes, our accessories, and our makeup 365 days a year! 

 Not to mention our hair styles!

No wonder we have to have 20+ pairs of shoes and purses, 30 or more belts and a wide variety of scarves and jewelry just to get the right look. 

And men think we are excentric.  It is just part of the job, guys! 

Men have “tools” women have “accessories” !

But when you are on a tight budget how can you still look your best and avoid spending more than you can afford on all those “must have” accessories that may only match one or two items in your whole closet? 

Wouldn’t it be great to do some spring cleaning and weed out a lot of the stuff you bought on impulse, or were talked into by your best friend, or those trendy fashion mistakes you never wear?   

Can you imagine having less than half of your closet full, but having twice as many choices of clothing and accessories that mix and match, and still save you money in the process?

Seriously it can be done!  

If you learn what colors and styles look best on you it will avoid making costly wardrobe mistakes.  Plus you will look and feel fantastic  all year round.

to be continued…

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