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OMG, Did You See The Oscars?

Did you watch this year’s Oscars Ceremony?

I usually don’t watch them, but I do like to see the pictures of the “Red Carpet” fashions to see watch all the celebrities are wearing.  What one image stood out (like a sore thumb so to speak) concerning the fashions of the evening?  I’m sure there was more than one that comes to mind.

But the one image that went viral and caused “no small stir” was Angelina Jolie’s right leg.  You outta “google” it for a real laugh!

Angie wore a pretty black velvet gown with a slit up the side.  But what was so funny was that she strategically revealed her right leg every time she stopped to pose for a picture, and especially when she walked up on stage to present an award. Personally I thought that was very tacky of her.  Maybe she’s still trying to compete with the killer sexy legs of Brad’s ex Jennifer?

What bothered me even more than her exposed lower appendage was that no one even noticed her gown or her face.  Sure it was partially because her black dress was such a stark contrast to her pale legs, like her bright orange/red lipstick on her pallid white face . But the truth of the matter is that the color of her dress was not right for her to begin with. This time she got away with it because her dress is low-cut, so it doesn’t take away from face too much, and she was wearing the right shade of lipstick at least.

You’ve probably noticed that Angie LOVES black, it must be her favorite color as she wears it alot.  BUT Black is NOT the best color for her skin tone, her eyes, or her hair color.  Black just doesn’t flatter her natural Autumn features.  The most flattering colors Angie should be wearing are earth tones, like deep orange, dark green, and golden brown to name a few.

I guess I can’t help but notice these things being a certified color analyst and all.

Here is another photo showing her wearing the wrong color, doesn’t she look washed out, and pale in this drab grey dress?

It is very unflattering to say the least. Makes you wonder, What was she thinking?

What’s funny is you’d think that famous people would know and wear what looks best on them, especially when they have to constantly make public appearances.  You’d also think that the top fashion designers of the world that make their gowns would tell them “this is a beautiful design on you, but the colors are wrong, let’s see what I have in your colors”.  But amazingly they don’t. Neither do their hair stylists or their makeup artists!

It is very rare to see Angie in her right colors.

But look, I found one!  Here’s a pic I dig up from a few years ago.

Now can you see the difference?

This emerald-green dress just brings out the best in her.  Yeah Brad’s also in the picture, but try to focus on her, ok?

This beautiful gown in her proper color draws attention to her face, and not away from it like the gray dress did.  You see the hazel color of her eyes stand out and she just has a more naturally beautiful, elegant look.


This is just a quick example of how “color” can make a big difference in one’s appearance.

Want to know more about how color can change your appearance, your attitude and your life check out my article on “What Season are You?”.  

I think Angie needs to read it too!

How Long Does It Last?

Ever wonder about expiration dates?

Aren’t you glad there are labels to warn you when your milk is about to spoil rather than finding out the hard way, after you’ve poured it on your favorite breakfast cereal, and took a big sour spoonful?   That is IF you read it before you drank  it. 

Well actually milk has a “sell by” date stamped on it (see picture above), this is for stores to know how long they can display a particular product. If you keep the item refrigerated it will usually remain drinkable for about one week after the “sell by” date on the package. The date tells you how long the product is likely to remain at its best quality when unopened.  But it is not a safety date.

Most products have the “use by” or “best” date stamped on them, after these dates have passed, you will start to notice changes in the product’s texture, color, or flavor.  But as long as you’ve been storing the item properly, you can generally consume it a little beyond this date (depending on the specific product).   The best way to gauge the quality is by smell or taste.  Always discard foods that have developed an off odor, flavor or appearance (like green fuzz growing on it is pretty obvious), for your health and safety.   

 “Use by” is like an expiration date on medicines, and taking them after the date listed is not recommended.

But how about your skin care and makeup?  Do they have expiration dates? 

Since you can’t smell or taste them how do you know how long they will last?

There is currently no law requiring similar labeling on cosmetics.

But all cosmetics do have a shelf life, as to how long they can stay good while unopened, and  how long they remain safe once opened.

When either of those periods ends, spoilage can begin, and reduce a product’s effectiveness, allowing bacterial growth that can cause irritations or infections.

It is best to replace any of the following products that are past these expirations:


Eye Cream  6 Months

Mascara   6 Months

Lip and Eye Pencils   12 to 18 Months

Lipstick   12 to 18 Months

Concealer  2 Years

Powder   2 Years

Liquid Foundation   2 Years

Powder Blush   2 Years

Cream Blush  2 Years

Moisturizer   2 Years

Sunscreen   2 Years

Face Cream    2 Years


It is also a good idea to clean your makeup brushes regularly (every month or two) with a mild soap, baby shampoo works great. 

Just put a little in the palm of your hand with water and swish the brush around.  Then rinse it until soap residue is gone.  Squeeze out excess moisture and let dry before using.  Never immerse brushes in water, as the bristles are glued to the base and will come apart (even the most expensive ones).

You should also throw away any broken containers or ones that are missing caps.  Powder blushes and pressed powders that have broken are hard to use and should also be trashed.  Then you can make space for your newer, fresher, shelf life items.  Here is a suggestion when you purchase new products:  put little stickers on your lipstick, concealers etc… with the recommended expiration dates, so you won’t have to guess later down the road.

Don’t cry over sour milk, or expired beauty products, just replace them when needed to keep yourself healthy and beautiful!

For great vitamin enriched makeup and skin care:

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Fun In The Sun


It’s Summertime! 
It’s time to head outdoors for those “Fun In The Sun” activities.

But while having fun be aware that there are “not so fun” affects the Sun can have on your skin, your health and your life.

The Sun produces 3 types of rays:

1.  UVA-the most common, is the cause of  skin aging, and wrinkling

2.  UVB- causes sunburn, cataracts

3.  UVC-the most dangerous, are obsorbed by our atmosphere

Tips for protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the Sun:

Stay out of the direct rays of the sun between 10am and 2pm when the rays are the strongest.

Wear sunscreen with a SPF factor of between 15 and 30, apply liberally on your face, hands and arms especially. 

Make sure your sunscreen protects both UVA and UVB rays.

Wear sunglasses with 100% UV blocking lenses to protect around your eyes.

Don’t use sunscreen on children less than 6 months old, just keep them covered and out of the sun.

Wear protective clothing such as hats, long-sleeved shirts, long skirts, or pants.

Things you should know about the sun and your skin:

Contrary to popular belief, a tan is not “healthy.” A suntan is a sign that damage has been done to your skin.

When exposed to the sun’s UV rays, your skin’s melanocytes produce melanin, the dark pigment that creates a tan. A tan is your skin’s attempt to prevent UV rays from doing any further damage to the sensitive skin cells in your epidermis, but the protection only goes so far.

A tan does not help protect your skin from getting a sunburn in the future. A tan is equivalent to merely an SPF 4!

UVA breaks down the collagen structure which results in wrinkles.  Once collagen is damaged, it cannot re-build itself.

Up to 80% of skin aging is caused by the sun.  Most premature aging is caused by sun damage to skin.

Exposure to UV radiation can accelerate skin aging and make you appear older than you are. At higher altitudes there is less atmosphere to filter out the sun’s dangerous UV rays. For every 1,000 feet above sea level, you are exposed to 5% more UV radiation.  

People with light colored eyes are  more susceptible to retinal damage and cataracts as a result of overexposure to the sun.

Water and snow can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays back at you.

Certain medications can make skin and eyes more sensitive to sunlight, photosensitizing drugs include: acne medicines, antibiotics, antihistamines, oral contraceptives and sulfa drugs.

Freckles and sun spots are signs of skin damage and develop as a result of too much sun exposure.  They are frequently found on face, legs and back of hands.  Individuals who sunbathe regularly may develop freckles and sun spots all over their skin.

Tanning beds emit ultra-violet radiations.

It is important to understand that all sunburns increase the risk of three types of skin cancer, which includes basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Known risk factors for skin cancer include the following:

Skin cancers are more common in people with light-colored skin, hair, and eyes.

Having a family history of melanoma increases the risk of developing this cancer.

Nonmelanoma skin cancers are more common after age 40.

Most skin cancers occur on areas of the skin that are regularly exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet radiation. This is considered the primary cause of all skin cancers.

Bronze skin may look beautiful on those blessed with naturally dark or olive tone skin.  But if you have fair skin,  beware, a short term tan is not worth the long term risk to your health.

I did’nt mean to ruin your summer vacation! 

You can still go out and have  “Fun in the Sun”, just don’t be a “sun worshipper”, remember to limit your exposure no matter what age you are, and protect yourself and your loved ones from those nasty rays.

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The Thick and Thin of it

There are many different opinions on eyebrow thickness.  Some say thin looks better, but others say leave them thick.  

How thick or thin your eyebrows are depends on your genetics, so don’t worry about what’s in style or what the latest top model looks like.  Fashions constantly change, so just learn to look your best with what you have naturally.

Take Brooke Shields for instance, she naturally has thick brows.  At a time when thin was in, she boldly displayed her full brows, and set a new fashion statement.  Full eyebrows that are groomed and shaped nicely can make your face look more naturally radiant.

Your eyebrows frame your eyes so it is important that the length of the brow is proportionate to your eye.

An arched brow opens up and lifts the eye (see picture below). 

Here are some basic guidelines and tips on eyebrows:

You only want to pluck the stray hairs that extend beyond the boundaries.  The most obvious area to start is between your brows.  

You can hold a pencil to the side of you nose and see where your brow starts, and pluck any stray hairs in-between.  Then pluck the stray hairs underneath your brows.  Never pluck hairs above your brows unless you have a few strays. 

Always pull out in the direction that the hair grows, not the opposite direction, or you will be training new hairs to grow in the wrong direction. 

The main thing is to try to create a gentle arch following the shape of the eye with the peak of the arch just outside your pupil (see picture). 

You’ll also want to use sharp, good quality tweezers.

Warning!   Did you know that if you pluck your eyebrows too much some of the hairs may not grow back?  So don’t over pluck!  It is best to only pluck one hair at a time, never try to pull multiple hairs at once, remember you can’t put them back!

The best time to pluck is after a bath, or shower, when your pores are open from the heat.  The hairs will be easier to remove. 

Also make sure you pluck a day before a big date, or party or your reddened skin with draw the wrong kind of attention.

If you have sparse or light brows use an eyebrow pencil that is close to the color of the hair on your head and use small upward strokes to simulate the natural hair pattern. You don’t want them to look painted on, but natural.

Whether thick or thin, with a little shaping of your brows you can give your face a lift and dramatically enhance your natural beauty.


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Inch Your Way to a More Beautiful You

As you probably know most diets don’t work and some are even dangerously unhealthy.

When you talk about loosing weight, you usually are focusing on getting thinner, right?  Like being able to comfortably fit back into your favorite pair of jeans without having to suck your tummy in and hold your breath just to zip them up.

Many people give up on diets and exercise when they don’t see a drop in their weight.   Now this may sound kind of strange but you can be thinner without actually loosing weight!

When you lose body fat, you lose inches, but not necessarily pounds. Muscle, or lean tissue takes up less space than fat so you can actually lose body fat while gaining muscle.  Your weight may stay the same, even as you lose inches.

Proper Mindset– A big mistake people make when dieting is that they focus on their current weight, they say things like “I’m trying to loose weight”, the last thing they said was “weight” so they keep seeing themselves right where they are at, and no change happens.  Instead say, “I’m getting thinner”, and you will.   It really works!

Also avoid saying things like “I will NOT eat that piece of delicious chocolate cake”, that is mental torture!  Just saying that makes you want to go out and satisfy that craving.  Don’t focus on what you “CAN’T” have,  picture in your mind what you “CAN” have.  Replace the images in your mind, and speak those things.  Instead say something like, “I am going to eat a delicious fruit salad”.  See the difference?

If you have a goal to develop a thinner, healthier body, forget the scale.

Instead; eat healthy, avoid junk food and sugar, exercise regularly, get good sleep, have your body fat measured periodically, and check how comfortably your clothes fit.

Whether your goal is to fit into your current clothes better, wear a smaller size, or increase your energy by becoming leaner, remember to pay more attention to your inches instead of focusing on those pounds!

Keep your goal in your mind, and don’t loose sight of it.

Picture yourself where you want to be and don’t focus on where you are.   Just like when driving a car, how can you ever make it to your destination if you keep opening the door and looking down at the ground where you are?

Inch your way to a more beautiful you.

Leave the scale behind, first be thin in your heart and in your mind.
The further you look ahead the faster you will get to your destination. 

For some great secrets to healthy weight loss check this out!

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Men have Tools, Women have Accessories

It is not easy being a beautiful woman these days, we have the painstaking  job of matching and contrasting our clothing with our shoes, our accessories, and our makeup 365 days a year! 

 Not to mention our hair styles!

No wonder we have to have 20+ pairs of shoes and purses, 30 or more belts and a wide variety of scarves and jewelry just to get the right look. 

And men think we are excentric.  It is just part of the job, guys! 

Men have “tools” women have “accessories” !

But when you are on a tight budget how can you still look your best and avoid spending more than you can afford on all those “must have” accessories that may only match one or two items in your whole closet? 

Wouldn’t it be great to do some spring cleaning and weed out a lot of the stuff you bought on impulse, or were talked into by your best friend, or those trendy fashion mistakes you never wear?   

Can you imagine having less than half of your closet full, but having twice as many choices of clothing and accessories that mix and match, and still save you money in the process?

Seriously it can be done!  

If you learn what colors and styles look best on you it will avoid making costly wardrobe mistakes.  Plus you will look and feel fantastic  all year round.

to be continued…

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If Happiness Is A Choice, How Can You Create It?

smiling girl

Abraham Lincoln once said that “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  This statement is extremely powerful, as it makes each of us responsible for creating our own happiness.  We can not obtain happiness from other people or from material objects; it has to start within us.  The following provides some steps as to how you can create happiness in your life.

1.         First, acknowledge that happiness is a choice, that you do have options as to how you live your life, and that you can be happy if you choose to.  Don’t think about yesterday or the past.  Today is a new day!  Just start there and let that sink in until you’re ready to take the next step.

2.         Next, believe in your heart that you can be happy, despite any negative experiences you may have encountered in the past.  Many people don’t believe that they can be happy or have the right to be happy, especially if they never had a good role model, grew up in a highly dysfunctional family, were abused, were made fun of and picked on in school, etc.  What is holding you back from being happy?  If you can’t change it, then acknowledge that and begin to work through it by talking to a friend or therapist, reading a self-help book, or attending a self-love/self-esteem workshop/seminar.  After all, it doesn’t matter what you experienced in the past, as you can’t step back and change it.  You can only move forward.  So, create your future with the belief that it can be filled with joy and happiness.

 3.        Now you are ready to take action to create happiness in your life.  Make a list of those things which make you most happy and post them to your bathroom mirror so that you see them each morning when you wake up.  Do whatever is necessary to create your definition of happiness.  Know that you can create happiness wherever you go. 

Below are some examples of actions you can take to create happiness:

a.  Develop a list of affirmations.  Post them in a location where you will see them daily.  Affirmatives are positive statements that you review and repeat daily.  For example, I am happy, I am beautiful, I have many skills and abilities, I am loved, I am strong, I am in control of my life, I have much to offer the world, I am grateful for all that I have, etc.

b.  Wake up each morning with a smile on your face.  Smile at everyone you see throughout the day, strangers included.  Smile when you’re speaking with someone over the phone – you’d be amazed at how much better it makes you feel.

c.  Laugh often.  Be around people who make you laugh.  Find things that make you laugh.  Be around children.  Watch funny programs and movies.  Laugh at yourself.

d.  Surround yourself with positive, happy people.  Negative, unhappy people can bring you down.  Be around people you love and who love you.

e.  Appreciate nature and the beauty around you.  Take time to literally smell the flowers.

f.  Engage in activities that make you feel good, physically or otherwise.

g.  Take time for yourself.  Life is busy and you could get lost in working, raising children, doing household chores, and a myriad of other activities.  Remember to set aside some time for yourself every day, even if it is just 15 minutes.

h.  Perform a kind deed for a neighbor or friend.

i.  Give a gift to yourself – buy your favorite candy bar, go see a movie, take a vacation, read a good book, start an exercise regimen, go shopping (yes, indulge in retail therapy), get a new haircut, hire a personal trainer, see a counselor/therapist, join a group, get a massage, ride your bike, try a new restaurant, visit a good friend, etc.

j.  Develop a list of all of your skills, abilities, and talents.  You will begin to see what a beautiful and unique person you are…that you have many gifts to offer the world.

k.  Donate to or volunteer for an important cause – there are many nonprofit organizations that could use your time, skills, or money.

l.   If you work but are not in a position with which you are happy, look for another position within the same organization or find a new job.  If you are satisfied with your current position but the work environment isn’t fun, develop a plan to create a more positive work environment.  You could start an employee appreciation/recognition program, schedule a monthly luncheon with co-workers, etc. 

m.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  If something has happened that makes you unhappy, think about whether this will be important a month from now or a year from now.  If it won’t be, then it isn’t worth your time.

4.         There are times when life will throw you a curve ball.  Just remember that even in difficult times, you will always have the choice and power to be happy.  Acknowledge your value and uniqueness, appreciate your individual qualities and gifts, and be thankful for what you have, as there is always someone less fortunate than you. 

The following are two exercises designed to help you think about and create happiness in your life:

  1. List five things that make you happy.  What comes to your mind first?  Can you incorporate any of these items into your daily life?  If so, what action steps are you prepared to take to do so?  How committed are you to taking these steps?
  2. Name five times in your life when you were the happiest.  What were the experiences or events that made you most happy?  Can you repeat any of these experiences/events?  If so, what would it take in order for you to re-create these experiences?

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Sharon L. Mikrut of is an Executive & Life Coach, speaker, columnist, and CEO of Create It! Coaching.  She believes that everyone has the ability to create the life they desire and deserve!  Visit her website for additional information and to sign up for her free monthly messages, tidbits, and resource information designed to help you create the life you desire.

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