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Tends and Trends

Fashion is fickle.  Trends come and go.

But we still tend to follow whatever the latest fashion gurus dictate is “In Style”.

Do you think fashion designers really consider or care what their styles will look like on the majority of the population?  Or do they just love to come up with those weird, quirky styles that only look cool on anorexic models, making the rest of us look like blimps?

The fashion industry continues to provide cookie cutter molds that are unrealistic that make the majority of us feel inadequate and unattractive.  Just think when you see a model or celebrity wearing the latest style, is your body shaped like theirs?  Are you close in age to them?  These are important things to consider when you tend to follow the current trends.

If you want men to go gaga over you, please don’t follow the styles of Lady Gaga! She loves to “shock and awe” us with her outrageously tacky fashions, but then that IS her quirky trademark.

Remember Madonna’s style back in the 80’s, how every teen had to dress like her? Her styles over the years have been quite wild (and downright slutty).  Then Gaga carried it a bit further beyond wacky and weird.

Neither of them are natural beauties in my opinion nor do they have perfect figures. Maybe that’s why they dress so outrageous, to hide their flaws!  Or to flaunt them!

You may not have killer curves like Kim Kardashian, or a derrière like J Lo, but you are uniquely beautiful in your own right.

Learning what brings out your best attributes and hides your flaws is the real key to being “fashionable”.

A very important thing to remember is that there is NO such thing as a PERFECT figure!

Personally I’ve never been too concerned what others are wearing, or what is “in” style at the time.  Maybe because I had a brief modeling career back in my twenties and I’ve seen how fast trends come and go.  I also learned the hard way how expensive it is to keep “in style”.

Here  are a few things to ask yourself that will help you determine what styles look good on you:

Are you petite?  (I hate using the word “short”)

Wear clothes that make you look taller, not ones that emphasize your size.  Avoid long skirts that are below the knee.  High waisted clothes and shorter length skirts and jackets look good on you!  High heels are great but be careful, you don’t want it to look like you are trying too hard to look taller.

Too Tall?

The taller and slimmer you are the more styles you can wear.  But if you are over 5’7 it’s best to avoid high waisted jackets and vests.  Skirt lengths can vary, but keep in mind that mid length hems can make you look shorter and add weight.  Choose high heels that don’t add too much height, as you don’t need it.

Are you overweight?

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, that show every bulge.  Do wear clothes that have vertical lines or seams rather than horizontal.  The right colors can also have a slimming affect. And despite popular belief, the color black can actually make you look larger (unless you are a Winter, then Black looks great on you!).

Here are some fashion mistakes to avoid:

UGG!!!  This is a big NO-NO!

I don’t care how comfortable these are.  Ugg’s were designed to be worn with leggings or tight jeans NOT shorts, or skirts, how tacky!

Over accessorizing is another big NO-NO!  This can make you look bargain basement cheap.

Pants that are too long or too short.  Or pants that are too tight or too loose.

Oh yeah and where did the tight jeans with the thongs sticking out the top come from?  Yikes!

Is this the women’s version of the men’s pants hanging below their underwear? OMG! 

More Fashion No No’s-

Too much denim.  Demin jackets do NOT go with everything!

Always wearing solid colors.  That is so blah!  Better to have a print or patterned blouse with solid color pants or visa versa.  The colors don’t necessarily have to match, contrasting colors can add a dramatic affect.  Just stay with colors within your Season to look your best!

Women over 50 wearing the styles of women in their 20’s.  Boy this one really gets me!  Stay with styles that flatter your age, not make you look ridiculous.

Sweat pants with writing on the butt!  OMG I saw a very unattractive heavy set woman wearing a pair of tight sweat pants that had “sexy” written across the butt. What was she thinking? I couldn’t believe it!

I could go on and on!

The bottom line is that no matter what is in style for the moment when you “know” what looks best on you then people will notice your true fashion sense and want to follow you!

You’ll be a trend setter!

P.S.  If you can think of any other fashion mistakes you’d like to add feel free to comment.  We can help each other out here.  Thanks!

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The Thick and Thin of it

There are many different opinions on eyebrow thickness.  Some say thin looks better, but others say leave them thick.  

How thick or thin your eyebrows are depends on your genetics, so don’t worry about what’s in style or what the latest top model looks like.  Fashions constantly change, so just learn to look your best with what you have naturally.

Take Brooke Shields for instance, she naturally has thick brows.  At a time when thin was in, she boldly displayed her full brows, and set a new fashion statement.  Full eyebrows that are groomed and shaped nicely can make your face look more naturally radiant.

Your eyebrows frame your eyes so it is important that the length of the brow is proportionate to your eye.

An arched brow opens up and lifts the eye (see picture below). 

Here are some basic guidelines and tips on eyebrows:

You only want to pluck the stray hairs that extend beyond the boundaries.  The most obvious area to start is between your brows.  

You can hold a pencil to the side of you nose and see where your brow starts, and pluck any stray hairs in-between.  Then pluck the stray hairs underneath your brows.  Never pluck hairs above your brows unless you have a few strays. 

Always pull out in the direction that the hair grows, not the opposite direction, or you will be training new hairs to grow in the wrong direction. 

The main thing is to try to create a gentle arch following the shape of the eye with the peak of the arch just outside your pupil (see picture). 

You’ll also want to use sharp, good quality tweezers.

Warning!   Did you know that if you pluck your eyebrows too much some of the hairs may not grow back?  So don’t over pluck!  It is best to only pluck one hair at a time, never try to pull multiple hairs at once, remember you can’t put them back!

The best time to pluck is after a bath, or shower, when your pores are open from the heat.  The hairs will be easier to remove. 

Also make sure you pluck a day before a big date, or party or your reddened skin with draw the wrong kind of attention.

If you have sparse or light brows use an eyebrow pencil that is close to the color of the hair on your head and use small upward strokes to simulate the natural hair pattern. You don’t want them to look painted on, but natural.

Whether thick or thin, with a little shaping of your brows you can give your face a lift and dramatically enhance your natural beauty.


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Men have Tools, Women have Accessories

It is not easy being a beautiful woman these days, we have the painstaking  job of matching and contrasting our clothing with our shoes, our accessories, and our makeup 365 days a year! 

 Not to mention our hair styles!

No wonder we have to have 20+ pairs of shoes and purses, 30 or more belts and a wide variety of scarves and jewelry just to get the right look. 

And men think we are excentric.  It is just part of the job, guys! 

Men have “tools” women have “accessories” !

But when you are on a tight budget how can you still look your best and avoid spending more than you can afford on all those “must have” accessories that may only match one or two items in your whole closet? 

Wouldn’t it be great to do some spring cleaning and weed out a lot of the stuff you bought on impulse, or were talked into by your best friend, or those trendy fashion mistakes you never wear?   

Can you imagine having less than half of your closet full, but having twice as many choices of clothing and accessories that mix and match, and still save you money in the process?

Seriously it can be done!  

If you learn what colors and styles look best on you it will avoid making costly wardrobe mistakes.  Plus you will look and feel fantastic  all year round.

to be continued…

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Dying Your Hair Without Killing Your Looks

We’ve all had “bad hair” days, right? 

But when you make a mistake in coloring your hair you have to live with it for a lot longer than a day!

I have to admit that I have dyed my hair almost every color in the spectrum, aside from the outrageous purple, blue or orange variety.  I’ve never been that wild or brave! 

Every time I started to feel unattractive the first thing I used to do to change my appearance was dye my hair.  Somehow I thought that it would transform me into another woman, more beautiful and desireable.  But sometimes it had the opposite effect, and  I would end up looking and feeling worse than better. 

It was hard to pinpoint the problem. 

Then I realized that some of the shades of colors I chose to dye my hair were just not right for my skin tone.  If I went too dark or too red I looked pale and washed out.  

When I finally learned about the Four Seasons of Color and found my correct Season I no longer made hideous color choices.  I could color my hair in a variety of different shades within my Season and never look bad.  What a relief!

The main reason we dye our hair is to change our appearance.   Maybe we just want to look younger (cover grey) or we don’t think our natural color has enough pizzazz!  Or we just want to see what it is like to look different (women love change!)

Ready for the BIG SECRET  to choosing the best colors for your skin type?

Just remember what the natural color of your hair was before you started dying it.   That is the best clue to determine your correct season. 

Let’s say you were a natural born red head, you could be either a Spring or Autumn, depending on how light or dark your true shade is or was.  A natural red head can change to certain shades of brown but needs to stay within the correct” warm” season.  Never use “cool” shades! 

The same is true for someone who has a natural “cool” shade of  dark brown or black, they should never dye their hair a “warm” shade of brown, red or blonde.

You will notice when shopping for hair dye that the shades are separated already into cool and warm colors to help you in picking the correct shade for your skin type. 

That takes out most of the guesswork!

Here is a good word of advise about hair dye that I learned from a good friend of mine who is a professional cosmetologist.   She warned me that  hair colors you buy in the stores have twice the amount (or more) of ammonia in them than professional hair dyes.  Why do they use more ammonia you may ask?   To sell more hair care products.  I’m not joking!   That’s marketing.  The damage to your hair makes you go out and buy more products.

Ever noticed that the directions tell you to do a test first to make sure you are not allergic to the product?  Well who follows directions right?  I admit I didn’t  and regretted it!  I had a horrible experience using one store-bought name brand color (on sale!), as soon as I started applying it to my roots and working it into my scalp it felt like I let loose an army of red ants that started stinging me all over my head.  I was almost crying in pain as I rushed to the sink to wash it out.  I vowed to myself that I would never use that brand again.  

You may pay a lot more by going to a beauty salon to get your hair done, but overall it is worth it to prevent harsh chemical damage to your hair.

What about highlights?  

To add highlights to your hair it is best to use lighter shades within your Season for a more natural look.  Otherwise the overall effect will not be flattering, not to mention a waste of time and money, and embarassing looks from friends and strangers alike. 

Don’t worry about what is trendy, or in fashion at the moment because it will go out  just as fast as it came in style.  And just because a color or style may look good on a model or actress doesn’t mean it will on you.   Celebrities change their hair color like the wind, it depends on the roles they play.  But even most of them don’t have a clue what looks best on them without their professional hair stylist.

By using the various hair dyes available within your correct season you will look and feel naturally vibrant and beautiful.

If you need help determining what season you are, check out the related article below.

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To help you choose the best colors of makeup for your skin tone:

Are You Attracting or Detracting?


Learning how to accentuate and complement your natural beauty can make a world of difference in your appearance. 

One of the first things you must know is what are the right colors that complement your skin tones, your hair, and your eyes.   Makeup (ie. eye shadow, lipstick, and blush) comes in both Cool and Warm shades, so you will need to determine which is best for your type (see related articles below).   This key element is crucial in defining whither you will be attracting or detracting from your natural beauty. 

Let’s look at some common mistakes women make in applying makeup, and how to avoid them:

Eye Shadow:

Shimmery iridescent eye shadows may look good on teens, but for women that are starting to age those shiny eye shadows actually emphasize lines, and wrinkles so it is best to avoid them and stick with a matte finish that will soften your look.

For those of you with blue or green eyes it is best to stay away from eye shadows that too closely match the color of your eyes.  As they will actually detract from your own eye color.  Instead look closely at the different  flecks of color in your eyes and choose one of those shades to highlight and complement your baby blues.

Applying too much color under the eye emphasizes puffy eyes and dark circles.  It also fights with the color of the eye.  Instead use a thin line of brown, taupe or black and smudge it for a smokey look.


When covering dark under eye circles don’t use too light a shade of concealer or it will produce the “raccoon eye effect” which makes dark circles look worse.  Concealer should be half a shade lighter than your skin, a light color foundation can also be used.  It is best to apply with a wedged sponge, cotton swab or soft brush, never use your index finger as it puts too much pressure on the delicate area.


Blush should not be applied on the upper side of the cheekbones, as it will interfere with the eye area making the skin under the eye look puffy.   Blush should be used to contour and highlight using two shades to achieve this look.  The darker shade should be used on the hollow of the cheek (under the cheekbones) applied in an upward motion from the hollow to the temple.  Then the lighter shade applied to the apple of the cheek.   The purpose is to add slight color and dimension to your face, apply it lightly so that it looks natural, too much will detract.


Don’t spray perfume directly on your clothing, the oils and alcohol will damage your garments and the scent never smells as good on your clothing as on you.

Be careful not to apply too much fragrance, you want people to notice you, not your perfume!  When it is overpowering it can be offensive.

The best  rule of thumb in appying makeup is that “less is more”.

The big key is that you don’t want to emphasize your makeup, you just want to diminish any imperfections and enhance your best features to be the most attractive natural beauty you can be.


For great color coordinated, vitamin enriched makeup and skin care:

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