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True Beauty is a State of Mind

Beauty is expressed differently in every culture around the world. It means different thing to different people. But there is a universal view that holds true to all cultures and all ages.

It is what is on the inside that counts!


In the Western World, we have a hard time grasping why women in the Middle East wear veils. Women since ancient times have worn veils. The veil represents God’s protection over the woman. No man is allowed to touch a veiled woman, with the exception of her husband, or her father. You can not judge her by her appearance, only by her words and her actions, that reflect her heart. 

The only place you still see veils in the Western culture is at Weddings.  Brides still wear veils, but the meaning is pretty much lost.  We know traditionally that the Groom is not supposed to see the Bride before the Wedding, but it doesn’t mean much since most already have intimate relations before marriage.  In ancient times the groom never saw the bride at all until the wedding ceremony.

Westerners believe physical looks are everything.  The obsession with youthful appearance is why Plastic Surgery is big business today.  We need to realize that the  purpose of media advertising is to make us feel inadequate so that we will buy things to make us feel or look better.   But in reality it does not work, the more you buy the worse you feel, not the better.  The attempts at perfecting the flesh are unfulfilling in making us happy about ourselves.   

Have you ever thought someone was gorgeous, you just idolized them, until you actually met and talked to them? All of a sudden you realized they were not beautiful at all.  In fact they were downright ugly! What changed your perception of them?

You see “true beauty” is not in the outward appearance, it is in the heart.  In The Bible there is a proverb that states, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

Those who are rotten on the inside may be able to fool people temporarily with their attractive appearance, but eventually people will see right through them.  

A beautiful heart makes a person beautiful inside and out.   How do you perceive yourself?  

Here is a good test.   What do you see in this picture?  

illusionAn old woman or a young woman?

Invision yourself how you want others to see you, and you will become what you see! 

If you compare your looks to whoever is on the latest tabloid cover you will be disapointed.  But ask yourself why.  Are they really as they appear?  Take Pamela Anderson for instance, how much of her is real?  Her greatest asset that made her famous is fake!  It’s the same with countless others. 

Their lives are not worth imitating.  Unless you want to live an over dramatic Soap Opera life.   

What is so attractive about a beautifully wrapped empty box?gift_box_promo-3?

It is what’s inside that counts! 

How about someone like Barbra Streisand?  Her beauty is not in her physical appearance, with her cross eyes, and big nose.  Her beauty comes from within her, her amazing voice is the redeeming quality that makes her beautiful.   What is yours?

Pretty packaging does help to present your special gift,  but it is not the gift itself.

For a real shocker click here to see what men find attractive in women.

Your Talents, Your Abilities, Your Experiences are the Gifts You have to Give!

The real you is not what you see in the mirror!

Search your heart for your inner beauty.   Improve yourself from the inside out, and you will be amazed at the compliments  you’ll receive of how beautiful you are (no face lifts, tummy tucks or implants required!).

by Tricia Tulak

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