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Change of Seasons

Nature can teach us alot about ourselves.

Depending on where you live in the world you may witness drastic changes in scenery as the earth rotates and the seasons change.  Obviously if you live on a Tropical Island or in the Antarctic you will not experience all  four seasons.  But for many, experiencing the gradual transitions of nature’s awe inspiring events from Winter to Spring and Summer to Autumn are welcome occurences.

Not only does the climate go through changes but wildlife; plants, trees and the sky all transform seasonally into distinctive and stunning panoramas before your very eyes.

Are there Seasons of your Life also?  Yes

SPRING: Like a newborn chick hatching, it is the spring of life.  

Spring is when the wide array of colorful flowers bud, and start to bloom.  Life is awakened from the cold of Winter.  New life springs forth all around us.

For humans this phase of life starts from birth to our teens, when life is new, filled with wonder and excitement.

SUMMER:  Summer is the time of fun in the sun, where the growth of spring  slows down and stabilizes.

Just as Summer temperatures start to rise, hormonal changes start affecting our bodies and our minds, this phase lasts from our teens to thirties.  These are our reproductive years.

AUTUMN:  Autumn is the turning point of life.

The air starts to cool, just as our bodies become more sensitive to temperature changes.  This is the mid point of life between our forties to sixties.   As the leaves change color and start to fall, our bodies too start changing.  It is the time of menopause, reversingthe affects of adolescence.

WINTER:  Nature becomes dormant.

As Winter approaches the sky turns cloudy gray like the hair on our heads.  The brisk cold affects our our bones like the bare limbs of the trees.  This is the time when physical beauty fades, but in its place a true sense of self, an appreciation for all of life’s precious moments emerges.  A reflection of past accomplishments and failures, of loves gained and lost.

Each season of your life has its own unique and beautiful attributes, the object is to enjoy whatever season you are in and make it the best time of your life!
Enjoy every Season for what it is, share your experiences, your knowledge, wisdom and your dreams.

Have no regrets, live life every day as if it is your last.

Look forward to the next as a welcome occurance of change and growth in the Seasons of Life.

Judging a Book By It’s Cover

You’ve all heard the phrase 

“You Can’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover” 

But yet we all do it. 

Just think about it,  when you’re browsing in a bookstore aren’t you attracted to a book by how interesting the cover is?   They may be colorful, or have some unique picture or phrase that grabs your attention so you’ll pick it up to find out more, right?  They are designed that way, that’s marketing. 

Believe it or not it is the same with people! 

Did you know that you only have three to seven seconds upon meeting someone to make an impression on them?   In this short time, the other person will form an opinion about you that is based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed. 

That means you will be  judged before you can even open your mouth to speak!  

This is done on a subconscious/emotional level of the brain.  So there is nothing you can do about it, or can you?

As Will Rogers once said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Like it or not, you need to grab people’s attention right away by your appearance. 

Though your true beauty is on the inside, your personality will take time for people to see.

“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.” ~Anonymous ~

There is only one that does not judge you by your looks, that is God.  “…for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.” 1 Sam. 16:7b. 

But when dealing with people how you present yourself will determine if someone will want to be your friend, consider you for a job, or feel that you are trustworthy, and so on.

So what can you do to make a good first impression that will last?   How important is your appearance? 

Your clothes, your hair, and your mannerisms all play a part in the impression you make on others.  

Let’s start with the way you dress. 

What is the best way to dress for the meeting or occasion?  If it’s a business meeting, a job interview, or a first date even, think about  what is the appropriate attire?  Also ask yourself what other people will be wearing so you are not over or under dressed for the event. 

Wearing the correct Season of colors for your specific skin tone, eyes and hair is crucial in making the best impression and feeling confident about your appearance.

If you have confidence in yourself others will notice right away.  A polite and courteous behavior helps make a good first impression.  

How about your personal grooming?   Cleanliness is next to godliness!  Nicely styled hair, neat and clean clothes (not wrinkled like you wore them to bed the night before), and appropriately applied makeup are all important.  Oh yeah and take it easy on the perfume!  Too much can be just as offensive if not more so than none at all.

Project a positive attitude, even when you are nervousness, and remember to smile,  it’s contagious!

People will “read” you on the outside before getting to know you on the inside, so strive to be the most beautiful you can be both inside and out.

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What Season are You?


One of the great gifts we are born with as humans is that we can see color, unlike most species of animals.  Could you imagine what the world around you would look like if you only saw black and white and shades of gray?  What would a Sunset look like?  Or a Floral Bouquet?  It would be like watching the old Classic Movies (as great as they were for dramatic affect),  life would be a bit drab to say the least.

Anyone remember the movie “Pleasantville”?

Pleasantville The Movie

Pleasantville The Movie

The movie takes you back to the 1950’s, and the beginning of the social and sexual revolution of the 1960’s.  The unique concept in the movie was that the whole world was black and white until someone found “love” (more accurately sex) then they transformed into Technicolor beings that could see the world in a whole new colorful light.  But aside from the underlying racial, religious and political views the film is trying to make, the uniqueness of the special effects was the stark contrast between the colorized and the black and white images.

Color is very important to our lives, though we may not even realize it.

Remember back in the day when hospitals used to look and smell so sterile, with their drab white walls?   Well they finally realized an amazing thing, that people react to color in their surroundings.  Certain colors actually made people  feel better, and seemed to help their healing, and they found the opposite was true as well.  Now when you go to a hospital there are bright pastel colored walls, with live plants, or floral arrangements in the lobby.  They look more like hotels than hospitals!  Now if they could only improve the food that would be great!

What makes someone buy a Red Sports Car?   Why not Brown?  Or White?   The Color Red is associated with an image, a “look at me” color.   But not everyone likes the color red, nor looks good wearing it.  You need to find out what colors are uniquely “YOU”.   When you shop for clothes do you notice that some colors jump out at you, and others you don’t even take a second look at?   What makes you choose one color over another?

Do you know what colors look best on you?  What colors make you look and feel good?

Choosing the right colors can improve your perception of yourself and how others see you.

The best color consultant is nature itself.

There are four seasons in nature, and each season is enhanced with distinctly different and vibrant color combinations.

But what season are YOU?

Your specific skin tone, hair and eye color are the determining factors in understanding what Season you are.

Here is a Four Seasons Color Chart

Four Seasons Color Chart

Four Seasons Color Chart

Autumn: Radiates in warm, rich colors of fall, with golden undertones.

Spring: Blossoms in delicate pastel colors, with warm yellow undertones.

Winter: Sparkles in vivid, clear primary colors, and cool, icy colors, with blue undertones.
Summer: Glows in pastels, the soft colors of the sky and sea, with blue undertones.
Have you ever ran into a friend or co-worker one day, and noticed they look fabulous, but the next day they looked sickly?   When you ask if they are ok, they say they are fine.
But you know there is something that is just not right.  Could it be they were wearing the wrong color that day?
Your makeup, your clothing and your hair color should match and complement your season, or you will look washed out and pale.

Here is an example of right and wrong colors:


Which picture looks better?

The picture on the left makes her look washed out, the colors are not right for her skin tone and hair color.

In the picture on the right she looks more vibrant because she is wearing the right colors for her season.

She is a Summer.

If you are not sure what Season you are, next time you go shopping find a plain color blouse that comes in at least four different colors from the charts above.  All you need is one color from each season to try, you should be able to tell right away what looks good and what doesn’t.  If it is hard for you to determine then bring a friend, they will usually be honest and tell what they think.

Also ever notice that eye makeup, hair colors and lipsticks come in warm and cool colors?   That is because they fit in the categories of Warm i.e. Autumn & Spring, or Cool i.e. Winter & Summer.  So make sure to use the correct shades for your season to look your best.  For more information on makeup check out my article on Makeup your Mind.

Match your wardrobe to your Season and you’ll be amazed at the compliments you’ll receive on how fabulous you look (no matter what you’re wearing), because choosing the right colors will enhance your beauty and your life.

GREAT NEWS- If you already know “What Season You Are”, and want to make sure you’re shopping  forYour Seasonal Colors“, here is the perfect accessory: Seasonal Wardrobe Wallet, click on the tab that says “exclusives” to check them out.
I never leave home without mine!
They make great gifts too (as long as you know their correct season!)

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