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To Reveal or Conceal

If you are like me,  you wake up in the morning, eyes half-open, stumble to the bathroom and go right to the mirror.

Wish I could fix my face with my eyes closed!

My Mission: To improve my appearance before anyone else sees me!  But unfortunately on occasion, my husband is making his way to bed as I’m rising and we met in the hall.  Yikes! He is the last person I want to see me before I put my face on!

One of the biggest things I notice first is the DARK CIRCLES under my eyes!

Or the “Raccoon Effect” as some call it.

There are several different causes of dark circles, here are some of the common ones:

Lack of Sleep – One of the most common reasons of “temporary” dark under eye circles is lack of sleep.   Making sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep regularly is the way to keep dark circles at bay.

Iron Deficiency –Low iron levels can result in lessened blood oxygenating efficiency. One of the areas seen the most of all is under the eyes where vessels tend to clot and pool, thus causing the dark circle eye effect.  Increasing iron intake by adding some of these foods to your diet such as; Eggs, oily fish, red meat, dried fruit such as figs and apricots, beans and nuts which are all rich in iron can help diminish dark circles and other symptoms IF deficiency in iron is the problem.  It is important to  get enough Vitamin C also, as this helps the absorption of  iron by your body.

Hereditary –Do others in your family also have dark under eye circles?  The majority of people who have dark circles under the eyes don’t suffer from any deficiencies or fatigue, it is simply an inherited trait.  This can be the most frustrating because no matter what you do, you always look tired,  even after you’ve had a great night’s sleep.  That’s me!

Dark circles are similar to bruises, they are really oxidizing hemoglobin.

Dark under-eye circles begin in the capillaries, the tiny blood vessels that web the delicate skin around the eyes.  Frequently, red blood cells get lost and wander into the surrounding skin. This is normal and the enzymes in your body break down the red blood cells, including their hemoglobin (the molecule that gives them their distinctive red color).

But the reason dark under-eye circles are so apparent is that the skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest, most delicate skin of your entire body.  And the capillaries are much closer to the surface of the skin there.  Many people’s skin is not only thinner around the eyes, but also more translucent.

The combination of capillaries near the skin’s surface and translucent skin makes this discoloration a lot more apparent.

A few home remedies for dark circles:

Apply slices of cucumber to your eyes.

Cucumbers lighten the skin,  soothe and cool the eyes.  This really helps if you’ve had a late the night before or your eyes are red and tired from allergies.

It’s best to lay down on your back, or else the cucumbers will fall off!  Lay a thin slice of cucumber on each eye, making sure they have contact with the skin under the eyes.  Leave them on for 5 to 10 minutes.  Might want to set an alarm so you don’t fall asleep.  Also be careful not to get the juice from the cucumber in your eyes.

Apply Tea bags to your eyes .

The caffeine in the tea bags acts as a remedy for dark circles by diminishing puffiness. Tea also contains antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin.

Take 2 used tea bags, can be green, black or white tea that’s been squeezed out.  Make sure you wait till it is cool!  Lie down and leave them over your eyes for about 10 minutes.  You’ll see a noticeable improvement in puffiness and under-eye circles.

Apply a concealer to hide dark under-eye circles

Concealer is the most effective tool for hiding dark under-eye circles.

You’ll want to choose a color that’s a shade lighter than your normal color if your dark circles are blue-black.  Just don’t go too light or you’ll get the reverse “raccoon effect”! Concealers are effective at hiding dark under-eye circles because they’re opaque, meaning they don’t let light through.  When applying concealer never use your index finger as it will apply too much pressure on the sensitive area around your eyes.  You can use a sponge or your ring finger for the best results.  If your dark circles are not terribly noticeable you might be able to get away with just using a foundation instead of a concealer.  If you use both some recommend applying the concealer first then the foundation, but I’ve heard others do the reverse.  Whatever works best for YOU!   It is also a good idea to finish with some translucent power over your face  so your face doesn’t shine!

Products that reduce dark circles

Another solution is to find a product that can actually help to get rid of dark circles completely.   But don’t expect a miracle, nothing works overnight.  There are a lot of products out there to choose from.  Most contain a pigment-lightening.   Warning these products are not cheap!

Personally, I’ve been extremely happy with the results from a product I’m using,  Adrien Arpel’s Eye Perfection crème.  It is a triple action formula, that takes care of puffiness, dark circles and fine line and wrinkles.  Nice thing is it is slightly cooling, and non-greasy.   It also hydrates, revitalizes and smoothes, de-puffs and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hope these suggestions help to remedy those unwanted “raccoon” eyes.   Hey, you know that smokey eyes are in style now!

Maybe we could start a trend that makes dark eye circles popular!

Are You Attracting or Detracting?


Learning how to accentuate and complement your natural beauty can make a world of difference in your appearance. 

One of the first things you must know is what are the right colors that complement your skin tones, your hair, and your eyes.   Makeup (ie. eye shadow, lipstick, and blush) comes in both Cool and Warm shades, so you will need to determine which is best for your type (see related articles below).   This key element is crucial in defining whither you will be attracting or detracting from your natural beauty. 

Let’s look at some common mistakes women make in applying makeup, and how to avoid them:

Eye Shadow:

Shimmery iridescent eye shadows may look good on teens, but for women that are starting to age those shiny eye shadows actually emphasize lines, and wrinkles so it is best to avoid them and stick with a matte finish that will soften your look.

For those of you with blue or green eyes it is best to stay away from eye shadows that too closely match the color of your eyes.  As they will actually detract from your own eye color.  Instead look closely at the different  flecks of color in your eyes and choose one of those shades to highlight and complement your baby blues.

Applying too much color under the eye emphasizes puffy eyes and dark circles.  It also fights with the color of the eye.  Instead use a thin line of brown, taupe or black and smudge it for a smokey look.


When covering dark under eye circles don’t use too light a shade of concealer or it will produce the “raccoon eye effect” which makes dark circles look worse.  Concealer should be half a shade lighter than your skin, a light color foundation can also be used.  It is best to apply with a wedged sponge, cotton swab or soft brush, never use your index finger as it puts too much pressure on the delicate area.


Blush should not be applied on the upper side of the cheekbones, as it will interfere with the eye area making the skin under the eye look puffy.   Blush should be used to contour and highlight using two shades to achieve this look.  The darker shade should be used on the hollow of the cheek (under the cheekbones) applied in an upward motion from the hollow to the temple.  Then the lighter shade applied to the apple of the cheek.   The purpose is to add slight color and dimension to your face, apply it lightly so that it looks natural, too much will detract.


Don’t spray perfume directly on your clothing, the oils and alcohol will damage your garments and the scent never smells as good on your clothing as on you.

Be careful not to apply too much fragrance, you want people to notice you, not your perfume!  When it is overpowering it can be offensive.

The best  rule of thumb in appying makeup is that “less is more”.

The big key is that you don’t want to emphasize your makeup, you just want to diminish any imperfections and enhance your best features to be the most attractive natural beauty you can be.


For great color coordinated, vitamin enriched makeup and skin care:

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