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The Truth About What Men Find Attractive

Have you ever asked yourself, What do most Men consider Attractive in Women?

You could ask your girlfriend what she thinks, but wouldn’t it make more sense to ask a man?  Most women seem to think that all a man is attracted to is Big Breasts or an Hour Glass figure, like a Barbie Doll.

Those of you (myself included) that grew up with Barbies, didn’t you think that you were supposed to develop into having that same type of figure?  Like that was the norm!


But if you take the measurements of Barbie, she would be over 7 feet tall, weigh around 125 pounds, and have a shape of 32-20-42.  How obsurd to think a woman could attain or maintain a figure like that !   You would be surprised though how many women actually try by using plastic surgery, breast implants and liposuction.

In addition, Barbie has a very long neck. In fact, her neck is nearly twice the size of the average woman.  And Barbie’s feet are only half the size of a normal woman’s (like that of the ancient Chinese women that had their feet bound).

Are men really attracted to Barbie Doll figures?


Let’s find out The Truth about what Men think is Attractive, shall we?

Here are some recent findings concerning what men find attractive in women,  that may surprise you.

1.  Smile- is like a magnet that can draw his attention and keep it

2.  Feminine and delicate Nature –delicate, soft, kind hearted and caring

3.  A woman’s voice- a highly feminine and soft voice

4.  Sense of humor-a good sense of humor, understands and laughs at jokes

5.  Un-materialistic attitude-down to earth, not high maintenance

6.  Strong personality –not weak minded, can make sound decisions

7.  The eyes –the the window to the soul, can speak a thousand words

8.  The Woman’s Hair- most like moderately long feminine style hair

9.  Physical Structure-skin tone, lips, height and body weight

10. Comfortable and Confident-one who supports him, and the one with whom he feels relaxed and open

Did you notice that physical appearance is # 9,  not # 1!

What do men think of Breast Implants?  Is size important ?

The fact of the matter is, though men do love to look at a woman with implants and would also not mind sleeping with her, they will certainly not like having a woman like this as a life time partner. In addition to that, most men love natural breasts over artificial ones. So even if the implants make the chest look bigger and hotter they are as a matter of fact, artificial. Artificial breasts can actually be a major turn-off to most men. This is because men start feeling that their woman partner is not reacting to their touches and squeezes (which is obviously the case when a woman has implants they do tend to reduce the sensitivity of the breasts).

If you work on these 10 things you’ll be surprised at how much more attractive you’ll be to your husband, or boyfriend.  And you will be less worried about looking like Barbie.

But don’t forget the importance of eating right and getting exercise to stay in the best health. You want to be your best inside and out!

Remember # 1 Keep on Smiling!  When you have confidence and are comfortable with yourself it will show in your smile.


And #4 Laugh allot. It’s contagious, and good for your soul and your relationship!


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