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Cycles of Life

Cycles in Nature

We watch the cycles or phases of the moon every 28 days as it waxes and wanes along its course around the earth.   For hundreds of years we have known that it is the regular and predictable cycles of the moon and sun that regulate the ocean’s tides, but do they have an affect in the affairs of humans?   

You all know the Gothic Tale of the man transformed into a bloodthirsty werewolf at the sign of a full moon.  Though purely fictional fantasy, there is some truth that people are affected by the phases of moon.  Ever noticed people seem to drive more erratic or just seem to act alittle weird when there is a full moon?  It’s interesting to note that statistics show more murders occur at the full and new moons than other times of the month. Hmmm, could be where the werewolf story originated from.

Well did you know that your life follows cycles also?    

The most obivous cycle known to women is the menstrual cycle, or as it is not so affectionately called “that time of month”.  It is commonly divided into three phases: the follicular phase,ovulation, and the luteal phase.  The length of each phase varies from woman to woman and cycle to cycle, though the average menstrual cycle is 28 days.

Besides menstruation there are other cycles you may not be aware of, these cycles are known as Biorhythms.  Though not considered a true science, I have seen amazingly accurate calculations in Biorhythm cycles,  which calculate the energy levels or capacities for performance in various areas of life.   These cycles are calculated using the date of birth of the individual.  A Biorhythm chart can pinpoint any date from birth, to the present, to the future.

The three “primary” biorhythms are:

  • physical (23 days), describing your physical energy, reflexes, strength, stamina
  • emotional (28 days), describing your emotional stability and empathy
  • intellectual (33 days), describing your mental aptitude, creativity and problem-solving capabilities
  • These cycles have various affects on your moods and your overall well-being.  Being aware of them can  help you to maintain a positive outlook during the low cycles, knowing that your state  will only last a few days.  In this specific chart on the left you see that all 3 cycles are below the middle (zero) line, which means this person is not in the best condition at this time.  Notice that the emotional and intellectual cycles were both bottomed out about a week ago, but are now on the rise.  The physical cycle was peaked a week ago but now is below the critcal line and will be bottoming out  in about 3 days. 

    When the physical cycle is low the body tends to feel more tired or drained, so its best not over exert the body with too much physical activity.  It’s especially not a good time to engage in any extreme sports for at least a week or so.

    It’s interesting to note that most accidents ocur when the physical cycle is at the lowest point, and the time when the body is more vunerable to sickness.

    When the emotional cycle is low is when emotions such as depression, or anger flare up for no apparent reason.   That’s the time to stay away from stressful situations that could provoke emotions. 

    On the other hand when the intellectual cycle is low the brain get fuzzy, it is hard to concentrate on solving even the most simple problems.  This is not the time to be make any major decisions in you life!  Too bad you can’t schedule exams when your intellect is in peak condition!

    When cycles are at their highest point is when there is a overall sense of well being, nothing can get you down, you are “on top of the world” so to speak. 

    These cycles are constantly fluctuating like waves of the sea, or like being on a roller coaster, at times it can be fun or scary.  Eventually you get used to the ride and can see ahead to prepare for the next wave before it hits. 

    Your menstrual cycle is a separate cycle, but it is affected by these Biorhythm cycles as well.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed that one month you may feel more emotionally affected, then the next month you feel more drained physically during your menstruation.  Ahh, now it makes sense!

    Also be aware that your spouse, your children, your parents, and your friends have their own cycles that will at times clash with yours.  Next time you have a heated arguement with a loved one check out both of your biorhytms, I bet you’ll be amazed at the results. 

    Just seeing where you are at in your cycle at any given time of the month helps you be a little easier on yourself and others.  

    It is a relief when you understand that you are only going though natural phases and cycles of life, just like everyone else.

    Now that you are aware of the cycles, just beware if you are out on the night of a full moon and hear howling, during the time that your emotions and intellect are both down, cause you never know who might be lurking in the dark!

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    Comments on: "Cycles of Life" (3)

    1. Ray Tomes said:

      The original guy that did the biorhythms did not find the cycles periods to be fixed. they are actually different for different people and change slightly with age.

      You may be interested in

      • beautyminded said:

        Thanks Ray,
        I appreciate your comment.
        Interesting research. I know there are many cycles that influence our lives. I’ve found the online biorhythm charts to be pretty accurate, but of course they are quite general for public use.

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