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The Knight Before and After

Once upon a time there lived a handsome and noble knight that rode about on his trusty steed, in faithful service to his kingdom, ridding the land of wretched evil doers and monstrous beasts.  All the men, from peasants to nobles, young and old,  had the utmost  respect for his courage and his fearlessness in the face of danger.  All the young ladies of the kingdom were enamored by the tales of his heroic deeds, and his charismatic charm. 

One day as he rode through the woods he heard a faint cry off in the distance, without hesitation he set his horse to a full gallop toward the sound of the distressed woman’s voice.   Upon arrival he found a fair golden-haired maiden, bound to a tree.   He recognised her at once, she was the king’s youngest daughter, Princess Anne. 

 “Most noble Sir, look yonder!” she shouted, as her captor approached from the bushes, lunging with sword in hand just as the knight lifted off his horse, then the deadly duel began… 

Let’s stop right there for a moment.

You’ve probably noticed that somewhat familiar theme is the scenario of many literary works, even some modern ones, movies such as Star Wars and Spiderman to name a few.  The “Knight in Shining Armour and the Damsel in Distress”.   What makes those stories so appealing?   They fulfill that underlying need and desire that men have to be a real “man’s man” who saves the day, and for the woman’s need to be enamored by a strong courageous man who can protect and take care of her.

Let’s fast forward to modern-day.

Do men today have the same instincts and desires as that dashing and daring knight of olden day? 

They sure do! 

But in our modern society there is not much place for them.  The closest thing we have to a chivalric knight today is a man in the Police Force or the Military that defends and protects our country from harm.  Thank God for them!

What about in a marriage? 

The husband instinctively has that same desire to protect his wife and children from harm;  to be the knight that saves the day.  

Just like in the animal kingdom, the male lion defends his pride (family) with his life.  He is brave and fearless, no wonder he is called the king of the jungle!   

But how can a man prove himself to be brave to receive the kind of respect and admiration he instinctively needs today?  

Unfortunately modern society is forcing changes in men’s and women’s roles.   Women now compete with men for jobs and status, correspondingly men have lost their knightly role in society due to negative propaganda of Male Chauvinism, and promotion of Women’s Lib.

If women are taking on more masculine roles then what alternatives do men have?  If they choose not to join the Military or Police Force they may either become tough “bad guys” to get respect, or they may adapt to more feminine roles, and take on female attributes.  All the men in-between these extremes learn to adapt to corporate, professional life or manual labor.  But do these kinds of jobs or careers really fulfil their basic knightly instinct?

How about in the home?  Ever heard the phrase “A man’s home is his castle”?  He needs to be the king or knight so-to-speak of his family.  He needs to be respected, and not criticized for every decision he makes.  He needs to know that he is needed.    There is nothing more humiliating for a knight than to have the damsel that he risks his life to save tell him that she doesn’t need his help afterall.  That is devastating to a man’s pride. 

 So what can wives do to help? 

Let him know you need him and appreciate him like the damsel in distress. 

There is a BIG SECRET to asking for help though.  Never tell him what to do or that you expect his help.

Men instinctively want to help, but not if it seems like they are being forced into it.   Be careful not to act like a mother to your husband!   Treating your husband as a child is one of the worst things you can do, and is a sure way to ruin a marriage.  

There is only one steering wheel in a car for a reason.  Only one person should be ultimately in charge, and a man is designed to be a leader.   Honestly doesn’t every woman desire that type of man?   If your husband doesn’t act like a knight, treat him like one anyway, and he will start to become what you see in him.

What an honor and a  joy for a woman to be the beautiful princess that the noble knight longs for, to take care of and to cherish. 

This may seem like a Fairy Tale, but this can be real life!

P.S. Pray for our Troops, the brave men and women that protect and keep our country free!


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