Helping Women be the most Beautiful, Inside and Out

Have a Heart


If true beauty stems from what’s on the inside of a person, then what kind of heart eminates beauty?

What is it that matters most to you in life?  You can ask a hundred different people and probably get a hundred different answers.  But a common thread would be amoung them all. What matters most to most people is to love and be loved, whether it is family or friends, or even strangers. 

But truly is it better to give than to receive.  For to be deeply fulfilled in life requires getting outside one’s self and giving to another.  A person who does not give is a lonely person, lacking the true joys in life.

Many give monetarily to charities, or medical research etc… but nothing is as fulfilling as actually face to face giving of your heart and your time to help another individual.  

You are not really living unless you are giving!

( I don’t think I’m the first to come up with that phrase, but it is so true). 

The greatest fulfilment I have found in my life is in sharing the heart of God with others.   God is ultimately the Greatest Giver.   ” For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16.   God gave his son Jesus to the world, and Jesus by his free will gave his life as a gift for those that would believe.

Nothing in life can compare to the joy in helping a person overcome fear, and to help them gain strength and courage to face any obstacle in life.   It is hard to express in words the  great joy and rejoicing felt when you see a person’s heart change, when they know that God is with them and they can accomplish anything they put their heart and mind to. 

The need to give is the most important thing in life, so have a heart and give of yourself all that you have to give, the rewards are outstanding. You will feel extremely fulfilled, and beautiful.


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