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People Who Eat at Least 5 A Day

Are More Likely To Be

Lean, Trim and Healthy


Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. Eating plenty of natural foods also makes you less likely to fill up on heavily processed foods, which tend to be high in unhealthy fat, sugar, and salt.

Eating 5 A Day is linked to lower blood pressure rates:
In one study, people with high blood pressure were given a diet that included 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. In just one month, they experienced significant blood pressure  improvements.

Some research suggests that eating an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables:
Could reduce the formation of cataracts, symptoms of asthma, and even the rate of birth  defects.

Studies show that each portion of fruit or vegetables you eat a day:
Lowers your risk of coronary heart disease by four percent and the risk of stroke by six percent

Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective:
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables could reduce the risk of deaths from all chronic diseases by 20%. This expert report, reviewed more than 4,500 worldwide research studies.

International scientists confirm:
That nearly one-third of all cancers could be prevented by eating more fruits and vegetables. This includes breast, colorectal and gastric cancers. Your diet is the second biggest predictor of whether or not you will develop these diseases. Only smoking is more dangerous.

People who eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop diabetes.

Studies show that each portion of fruit or vegetables you eat a day lowers your risk of coronary heart disease by 4% percent and the risk of stroke by 6%.

Get your daily dose of vitamins naturally with some of these foods:

Vitamin A: Dark green vegetables such as spinach and watercress, and yellow, orange and red fruits such as carrots, tomatoes, dried apricots, sweet potatoes and mangoes

Vitamin B: Walnuts, avocado and bananas

Vitamin C : Fruit and vegetables including berries, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach and broccoli, tomatoes, peppers

Vtamin E:  Avocado, nuts and seeds, and green leafy vegetables

Adding such important nutrients to your diet is so simple, and delicious!

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