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Bargin Shopper

Bargin Shopper

Everyone is cutting back in these tough economic times, trying to spend less and find ways to save more.  So the question is how can you take care of your Family’s Health, Eat Right, not skimp on your Personal Needs, and still enjoy life?

 “You can eat healthy and still stay on a budget!”  In fact you can eat even healthier when you have limited money, because you can’t afford to buy unnecessary junk food and sweets.

Here are a few ways to save on Food:


Don’t go to the grocery story hungry!  Always go with a list, to avoid buying unnecessary items.

Take advantage of seasonal produce.  When berries are on sale, stock up, and freeze them.

Limit buying perishables.  Make sure you’re only buying what you’re going to consume right away, so you do not waste any.

Stock up on non-perishables, such as canned and dry goods to carry you through when you are short on cash.  

Buy non-name brands.  They are often times just as good, and less expensive.

Use Coupons.  Sunday Newspapers are cheap and have loads of Coupons and Sales.


“You can find cheap ways to Exercise to Stay Fit.”  You don’t have to pay for a membership to the gym! 


Some ways to save on Exercise for Your Health: 

  • Walking.  It doesn’t cost a dime and you can do it anywhere.
  • Jump-Rope.  It’s a inexpensive device that can really get your heart rate up. It produces a similar workout to what you would get at a gym.
  • Use your own body weight, or cheap alternatives, as resistance.  Doing push-ups, sit-ups and body weight squats.  You can use bottles filled with water or sand or inexpensive elastic bands to provide weight resistance.
  • Gardening.   No I’m not kidding on this one.  Picking weeds, trimming trees, raking and shoveling all provide great exercise for your abs, arms, legs, and your heart.


Miscellaneous Savings for your home:

Check out Garage Sales, Second Hand Stores, Flea Markets and Swap Meets. You can find great treasures at great prices. 

But make sure you don’t take too much cash with you so you don’t get carried away!

 Also check out Craigslist or other local Classifieds and Ebay for some great deals.


Find Fun Things to do at Home.   Have a Family Fun Night! 


Turn off the TV(s) and the Computer(s), and instead of spending a fortune taking the family out for fast food and a movie, try barbecuing at home, and playing a Board Game together (yes they still make them) or play a Game of Cards. 

You’ll have allot more fun spending quality time interacting and enjoying each others company.

If you can stay on a Budget through both Good and Bad Times your life won’t be like riding a roller coaster, it will be a smooth ride all the way!

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